/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
2nd-day sitting of 7th Enlarged Plenary Meeting of 8th CC, WPK held
  The Seventh Enlarged Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea continued on February 27.
  The second-day sitting of the plenary meeting heard the speeches on the first agenda item.
  Secretaries of the Party Central Committee analysed the deviations committed by sectors and units concerned in the course of implementing the Party's new strategy for rural development and their causes and lessons and suggested measures to the meeting.
  Written speeches were submitted by leading officials of different sectors.
  General Secretary Kim Jong Un made an important conclusion on the first agenda item.
  He said the main purpose of the current meeting is to present immediate tasks and scientific long-term objectives for successfully attaining the grain production goal this year, bringing about a fundamental change in the agricultural production within the coming few years and thus laying a foundation for stable and sustainable development of agriculture, and find out the ways thoroughly guaranteeing the feasibility. He clarified once again the importance and significance of the growth of agricultural productivity and rural development in the overall development of socialist construction at present.
  He noted that nothing is impossible as long as we have a powerful leadership system established throughout the Party and the united strength of the entire people, and expressed the firm resolve and will of the Party Central Committee to bring about a revolutionary turn in the agricultural production without fail.
  All the participants expressed full support to the conclusion of Kim Jong Un consistent with his firm faith and will to build a powerful and rich country by the efforts of the nation itself for the self-respect of our state and welfare of the people.
  The meeting discussed the issue on establishing strict discipline of carrying out the national economic plan as the second agenda item and the immediate issues for improving the state financial work as the third agenda item.
  The meeting decided to debate on and amend and supplement the draft resolutions for the agenda items at the sectional study and consultation sessions before finally examining and adopting them.