/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un gives field guidance to KPA unit and watches its fire attack drill
  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, gave field guidance to the Hwasongpho Artillery Unit in charge of the important task of operations of the Korean People's Army on the western front and watched its fire attack drill on March 9.
  He learned about the combat and political training of the service personnel and the order of conduct of the important task of operations and the weapon system operating capacity of the unit.
  He highly appreciated that all the service personnel not only strengthen the combat and political training, always ready for action, with high class consciousness, firm will against the enemy and resolute viewpoint on the struggle but also constantly perfect the operational capacity to fully perform their major military tasks.
  Looking round important positions of the unit and different places of a subunit under its direct control, he acquainted himself in detail with their preparations for a war and the military service of the service personnel.
  That day, he judged and inspected the preparedness of coping with an actual war of the 8th Fire Attack Company under the Unit in charge of the enemy's operational airfield on the western front.
  The fire attack drill was watched by leading cadres of the Central Committee of the WPK and commanders of the large combined units of the KPA.
  The Fire Attack Company gave a powerful volley to the target on the West Sea of Korea set by simulating the major positions of the enemy's operational airfield, confidently demonstrating its capacity to cope with an actual war.
  Kim Jong Un expressed great satisfaction over the result of the drill and highly praised the Hwasongpho artillerymen for preparing themselves powerfully and strictly to cope with an actual war.
  He said the result of drill for inspection today clearly showed the important sense of duty that the army should be prepared to fight at any time and responsible for a practical action rather than words and also our clear and practical will of military action.
  He also said we should be always alert to all moves of the enemy for war preparations which are more frantic these days and maintain and keep fostering the powerful capacity to cope with and control them overwhelmingly at any time so as to thoroughly deter the risk of military conflict on the Korean peninsula.
  Kim Jong Un touched again on the importance of the unit's task of operations and stressed that the fire attack subunits under it should create different situations and constantly intensify different kinds of drills simulating an actual war in a many-sided way and thus prepare themselves strictly to carry out most perfectly the two strategic missions for deterring a war and taking the initiative in it.