/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
General tactical drills simulating nuclear counterattack staged
  General tactical drills took place on March 18 and 19 to substantially strengthen the war deterrent and nuclear counterattack capacity of the country and practise the units concerned in the procedures and processes of carrying out the tasks for tactical nuclear attack.
  The general tactical drills of the tactical nuclear operation units for simulating nuclear counterattack were staged in the tense situation that large-scale aggressive war exercises of the US-south Korea combined forces against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea have been frantically escalated and the nuclear strategic hardware of the US forces shipped into south Korea extensively.
  Another purpose of the drills lies in sending a tougher will for an actual war and warning to the enemy who get undisguised in their clear attempt for a war on the DPRK, escalate their aggressive war exercises and do military action with strong offensive character in disregard of our repeated warnings.
  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, guided the general tactical drills simulating nuclear counterattack.
  The two-day drills were staged, divided into a training for controlling the nuclear strike commanding system, a practical training of going over to the nuclear counterattack posture and a training of launching tactical ballistic missile loaded with mock nuclear warhead.
  On March 18, a drill was repeatedly conducted several times to practise the order of conduct and combat methods for going over to nuclear attack promptly while reexamining in a many-sided way the reliability of the operation system for commanding and controlling the tactical nuclear forces and examining the correctness of the procedures of giving and receiving the order of nuclear attack, the order of dealing with the nuclear weapons and the procedures of operation according to different plans of nuclear attack from the strict standpoint of safety in various imaginary urgent situations.
  The first-day drill confirmed that the whole process of preparing nuclear counterattack is operated in prompt yet strict and secure system with high reliability.
  A drill for launching a ballistic missile simulating tactical nuclear attack was conducted on the morning of the 19th.
  It was watched by Minister of National Defence Kang Sun Nam, the commander of the combined unit taking the supreme command of the tactical nuclear operation units and commanding officers of all missile units and sub-units under it on the eastern and western fronts.
  It was also watched by senior officials concerned of the Party Central Committee, commanding officers of the General Missile Bureau and relevant members of the Nuclear Weapon Institute.
  Before the launching drill, the normal operation and safety of technical and institutional devices including the procedure of authenticating the final order of nuclear attack and the system of approving the launch were examined and methods of conduct according to them practised repeatedly.
  Then, there was a launching drill simulating nuclear attack on major target of the enemy.
  The missile was loaded with warhead for test that simulated nuclear warhead.
  The tactical ballistic missile launched from Cholsan County of North Phyongan Province correctly exploded in the air 800 metres of the target on the East Sea of Korea set in the range of 800 kilometres, proving once again the reliable working of the nuclear explosion controlling and triggering devices for assembling the nuclear warhead.
  The launching drill had no any negative effect on the security of the neighbouring countries.
  Kim Jong Un said the ability for actual war of the units and sub-units carrying out important tasks for fire attack has been greatly improved through the current general tactical drills and all those units and sub-units came to have a great confidence. He also said with great satisfaction that the drills have become an important occasion in preparing our nuclear forces to perform the crucial mission of deterring a war and taking the initiative in the war rapidly and correctly at any moment and in any situation.
  Saying it is very important to keep organizing and conducting such drills simulating an actual war as the current one, he stressed the need to make our service personnel get accustomed to any situation and more perfectly have immediate, overwhelming and active preparedness for coping with any nukes all the time.
  Kim Jong Un said: It is impossible to deter a war actually only with the fact that ours is a state with nukes. Only when we perfect the preparations for nuclear attack to use nukes promptly and correctly as the means capable of mounting an actual attack on the enemy which can give fear to them, can we fulfil our important strategic mission of war deterrent and reliably defend our sovereignty, the peaceful life and future of our people and the cause of socialist construction.
  The present situation that the enemy's aggressive moves against the DPRK grow day by day urgently calls for increasing our nuclear war deterrent at an exponential rate, he said and put forward an important direction for building the nuclear forces and the strategic tasks for their war preparations.