/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un gives field guidance to major munitions factories
  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, gave field guidance to major munitions factories including the Tactical Missile Production Factory on August 11 and 12 to learn about the production of munitions.
  He was accompanied by Jo Chun Ryong and Kim Jong Sik.
  At the Tactical Missile Production Factory he acquainted himself in detail with the production of missiles and the reinforcement of production capacity and the modernization of the factory.
  He expressed satisfaction over the fact that according to the assignment of the Central Military Commission of the Party on directing efforts to the tactical missile production, the factory has perfected sci-tech problems arising in the production, put the production processes on an automatic and self-supporting basis and powerfully pushed ahead with the modernization of equipment while steadily expanding the production capacity in recent years, attaining the goal of current production of munitions as planned.
  He also highly praised the factory for producing in a flexible way the tactical missiles whose production has already been serialized, taking measures in time to rapidly establish the production process of the newly-developed tactical missiles and constantly rebuilding it on a modern basis.
  He presented an important goal for the factory to more rapidly increase the present missile production capacity on the basis of its successes and thus produce a lot of missiles for the extended frontline units and missile units according to the demand for their complements and operational plan.
  The qualitative level of war preparations depends on the development of the munitions industry. Very heavy is the responsibility of the factory in speeding up the war preparations of our army, he said and called upon the factory to bring about an upsurge in production for war preparations by enlisting the patriotic zeal of the workers.
  Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the Tactical Missile Launch Vehicle Production Factory to familiarize himself in detail with the development and production of different launch vehicles.
  He emphasized the importance of the rapid development and production of the major firearms vehicles to be used effectively on the battlefields according to the military strategic attempt of the Party Central Committee. And he underscored the need to attain the planned production plan set by the Eighth Party Congress unconditionally by turning out as one in the campaign for the production of Korean-style launch vehicles with high quality now that the demand for equipment of units and the plan of use have been confirmed.
  He also said it is a primary issue in the production to realize many purposes of vehicles in view of the trend of development of the defence science or in view of the efficient aspect in the operational environment. He stressed the need to constantly update the vehicle designs and concentrate efforts on modernizing the production processes and thus produce a greater number of modern launch vehicles of high performance which can make a substantial contribution to perfecting the war preparations of the army.
  While giving field guidance to the Combat Armoured Car Production Factory, Kim Jong Un learned about the development of multi-purpose combat armoured cars presented by the Eighth Party Congress.
  He highly appreciated the achievements made by the factory in the work to expand and modernize the armoured car production capacity according to the grand plan of the Party Central Committee on bringing about another revolutionary change in the development of the armoured forces and its strategic scheme.
  He himself drove a newly-developed multi-purpose combat armoured car to learn about its fighting efficiency and mobility, made clear the tactical and engineering data to be hit in the development of Korean-style multi-purpose combat armoured cars and put forward militant tasks facing the factory.
  Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the Large-Calibre Multiple Rocket Launch System Shell Production Factory to acquaint himself with the implementation of the major goal set by the Party Central Committee, the modernization of the production processes and the normal production of shells of the multiple rocket launch system.
  He said a great success has been made since the defence scientific research sector has waged a vigorous struggle, regarding it as the most important work to realize the fine ballistic control of shells of the multiple rocket launch system, and continued:
  The realization of the control of shells of the 122- and 240-millimeter multiple rocket launch system is an important change in the preparation of modern warfare and can provide a guarantee to the maximum destroying efficiency. So it is a great revolution in the field of using the multiple rocket launch system. Now that a new technology has been introduced into our army, it is necessary to turn out as one in the production of shells so as to further increase the militancy of our artillery forces.
  Kim Jong Un also appreciated that the factory, well aware of its position and importance in strengthening the artillery forces of the army, has mobilized the spiritual strength of the scientists, technicians and employees and carried out the technical revolution and the revolution for increased production, thus making a great progress in modernizing the production processes and powerfully accelerating the normalized production.
  He said it is very urgent to boost at an exponential rate the production of shells of the multiple rocket launch system in strengthening the artillery forces of the frontline units. He stressed the need to increase the production of shells according to the operational demand of the reinforcements and thus deploy more shells deep inside the frontline units.
  He said our army should have overwhelming military power and firm preparedness capable of coping with any war at any moment and thus make the enemy dare not to use arms and if they attack, it should cut them up without fail.
  Kim Jong Un emphasized once again the great importance of the duty of the munitions factories in implementing the idea of the Seventh Enlarged Meeting of the Eighth Party Central Military Commission on making war preparations of our army more thoroughly.