/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un inspects Guards 2nd Surface Ship Squadron of Tonghae Fleet of KPA Navy Honoured with Title of O Jung Hup-Led 7th Regiment
  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, inspected the Guards 2nd Surface Ship Squadron of the Tonghae Fleet of the Navy of the Korean People’s Army Honoured with the Title of O Jung Hup-Led 7th Regiment.
  He looked back with deep emotion upon the militant course of history of the unit associated with the great exploits of the Party in leading the army.
  He earnestly said the unit should further strengthen the education through the exploits performed by the Party in leading the army, always set an example in its combat preparedness and hold the banner all the time in the van of strengthening the naval force.
  Kim Jong Un learned in detail about the preparations to mobilize warships of the squadron for battle, war preparations, military service of soldiers and plan for reconstruction of the naval port.
  Getting on Guardship No. 661 to be on sea guard duty, he acquainted himself in detail with its armament and preparations for action and highly praised it for maintaining its high mobility and powerful striking force to cope with any sudden situation and making full preparations for action all the time.
  That day, Kim Jong Un watched a strategic cruise missile-launching drill of seamen of the guardship.
  The launching drill was aimed at reconfirming the combatant function of the guardship and the characteristics of the missile weapon system and making the seamen adept in the movements for carrying out the mission of attack in an actual war situation. In the drill the target was promptly and correctly hit without any error and as a result, regular mobilized posture and offensive capacity of the guardship were perfectly estimated.
  Kim Jong Un pointed out the crucial mission and duty of the Navy of the KPA in foiling the enemy's will for war, implementing the strategic and tactical attempt of the Supreme Command and defending the sovereignty and security of the country in case of emergency. He presented a revolutionary policy of the Party for strengthening and developing the Navy into an almighty service of Juche whose fighting efficiency has been improved by leaps and bounds and which was fully equipped with modern water-surface and subsurface offensive and defensive means.
  He emphasized that greater spurs will be put to modernizing the arms and equipment of the Navy including the building of a powerful vessel and the development of ship-based and subsurface weapon system, holding fast to the line on the development of the Naval Force presented at the Eighth Party Congress, so as to make a remarkable success in epochally increasing the modernity and combat ability of the Navy in a short period.
  Kim Jong Un said: All the surface ship and submarine units of the Navy should thoroughly keep their mobilization all the time and further strengthen the combat training with the viewpoint that training is precisely war preparations and thus steadily raise the actual war capacity to carry out their combat mission actively even in the unfavourable circumstances.
  As I always emphasize, the outcome of a war is ascribed to the politico-ideological, spiritual and moral superiority of the service personnel. What is actually necessary in the battlefields is not the numerical and technical superiority of the arms and equipment, but the overwhelming ideological and spiritual might of the service personnel using them. A soldier with the indomitable spirit can defeat any enemy and never fail in any fight. It is important for the present generation to carry forward the unique tradition and spirit of our army without any deviation.
  Only victory and glory will be in store for our Navy forever as the indomitable fighting spirit of the brave seamen of the Navy of the former generation including Heroes Kim Kun Ok and Chae Jong Bo, who registered the heroic spirit of dauntless man in the brilliant course of actions of our Navy, is encouraging the seamen of the new generation to victory and the great Juche idea is lighting the course of victory.
  Kim Jong Un expressed the expectation and belief that all the seamen would more firmly prepare themselves as the outpost of national defence and the death-defying corps of the sea with the spirit of resolute defence of the country and thus defend and reliably demonstrate the great reputation and honour of the heroic seamen of the former generation who wrought miracles unprecedented in the world history of naval engagements.