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Revolutionary Activities
President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un gives field guidance to site for rehabilitating damage of Ansok Tideland
  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, gave field guidance to the site for rehabilitating the damage of the Ansok Tideland under the Tideland Reclamation Complex of South Phyongan Province on August 21.
  He arrived at the spot and received a detailed report of the damage and rehabilitation from Jo Yong Won, Kim Jae Ryong, Kang Sun Nam, Jong Kyong Thaek, Kim Jong Gwan and Pak Jong Chon.
  Recently the Tideland Reclamation Complex of South Phyongan Province has failed to do in quality the project for setting up drainage structures at the embankment of the Ansok Tideland in the area of Sokchi-ri, Onchon County of Nampho City. As a result, the embankment was destroyed by the influence of seawater to inundate a total of over 560 hectares of tideland area including over 270 hectares of area with paddy rice.
  Kim Jong Un made a detailed analysis of the motive and cause of the damage and seriously pointed out the officials' irresponsible delinquency of their duty.
  He made clear that the current damage is not a calamity due to natural disaster, but precisely man-made calamity by irresponsibility and indiscipline of idlers. He ordered the Organizational Leadership Department and the Discipline Inspection Department of the Party Central Committee, the State Inspection Commission and the Central Public Prosecutors Office to find out the organs responsible for it and persons concerned, severely censure them for their blunder according to the Party and legal measures and strictly punish them.
  He strictly pointed out that the irresponsibility and indiscipline of the officials have thriven even at the point of time when emphasis is specially given to taking thoroughgoing nationwide measures to prevent the damage of crops and after all, there is a big problem in the feeble work attitude and wrong viewpoint of the Premier of the Cabinet.
  He stressed the need to finish the damage rehabilitation of the tideland at the shortest time and continued: It is necessary to finish quickly the rehabilitation of the destroyed embankment and take decisive measures to improve the paddy rice growth including the maximum securement of the paddy area with possible retrievement and the steps to prevent damage by base and take care of nutrition of the paddies. In this way all efforts should be made to minimize the reduction of paddy rice yield and reap the yield of grains expected in the initial days.
  And all the agricultural sectors across the country should take measures to cope with the natural disasters in every way so as to thoroughly tide over the damages.
  Now all the sectors and units have not become absolutely tense and awakened but are working in the way of closing the stable door after the horse is stolen, trying to take necessary measures and draw a lesson even after a national loss every time. With the incident as a momentum, efficient measures of prevention level should be perfectly taken so that reckless damage by lack of defence and incompetence, man-made calamity by irresponsibility in particular, can no longer be caused.
  Kim Jong Un ardently called upon all the officials and working people of units at all levels to display high patriotism and devotion of strictly carrying out their duty and taking an active part in the state affairs all the time with the attitude of being masters.