/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un makes speech at 9th Session of 14th SPA of DPRK
  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, made an important speech at the Ninth Session of the 14th Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK.
  In the speech he said this year marking the 75th founding anniversary of the DPRK and the 70th anniversary of the victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War is a year of great significance for the Korean revolution which has entered a period of new upsurge and great change in the accomplishment of the cause of building a powerful socialist country, and continued:
  The Supreme People's Assembly, the supreme power organ of the DPRK, achieved another significant and epoch-making political success to be specially recorded in the 75-year-long history of its dignified state-building activities and the glorious history of the development of the DPRK at the 9th session of its 14th term. The present SPA successfully carried out the work of reflecting the actual state of our national power in the new era in the constitution of the country, along with the adoption of various laws related to state administration, economic development and people-oriented policies. As a result, the current session has been recorded as a historic one which added a remarkable page to the constitutional history of the DPRK.
  It is of very deep and weighty significance that we have adopted the decision with unanimous approval to supplement Article 58 of Chapter 4 of the Socialist Constitution of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with new contents--to ensure the country's right to existence and development, deter war and protect regional and global peace by rapidly developing nuclear weapons to a higher level--just in this assembly hall where the codification of the policy of the state nuclear force solemnly took place in accordance with the general will of all the Korean people just one year ago. This resulted in the successful implementation of the essential historic and political task, whose fulfillment was indispensable to ensuring the successes achieved by our people through their sacred struggle and the nuclear force policy of our state with the supreme law of the Republic.
  The DPRK's nuclear force-building policy has been made permanent as the basic law of the state, which no one is allowed to flout with anything. This is a historic event that provided a powerful political lever for remarkably strengthening the national defence capabilities, including the nuclear force, for firmly consolidating the institutional and legal foundations for guaranteeing security and protecting national interests by relying on it, and for accelerating the overall development of our style socialism.
  Kim Jong Un pointed out in detail the hegemonic practice and moves of the US imperialists and their vassal forces still running amuck to suffocate the DPRK, and said:
  As long as our Republic exists as a socialist state and as long as the tyrannical nuclear weapons of the imperialists trying to stamp out independence and socialism exist on the earth, we must neither change nor concede the present position of our country as a nuclear weapons state, but, on the contrary, continue to further strengthen the nuclear force. This is the serious strategic judgment made by our Party and government.
  We must take due pride in having legalized the state nuclear force policy and even squarely stipulated it in the constitution and thus set an example in the building of an independent and self-defensive state and the strengthening of the national defence capabilities and, on the basis of this historic success, wage a more vigorous struggle for the overall development of Korean-style socialism.
  The important task facing the WPK and the DPRK government, the fulfillment of which should be pushed ahead with nonstop in implementing the present-stage fighting programme set forth at the Eighth Congress of the WPK, is to rapidly bolster up the nuclear force both in quality and quantity. It is necessary to push ahead with the work for exponentially boosting the production of nuclear weapons and diversifying the nuclear strike means and deploying them in different services.
  Re-clarifying in detail the foreign policy of the WPK at present, Kim Jong Un referred to the principled problems arising in proactively conducting the external activities on the basis of the policy.
  He went on:
  Today the most pressing task for the government of our Republic is to bring about a substantial change in the economic work of the country and in the solution of problems arising in improving the people’s livelihood by successfully attaining the 12 goals for the development of the national economy and other economic objectives.
  It is very important to enhance to the maximum the role of the deputies, representatives of the people, in successfully carrying out the responsible and important tasks facing the DPRK government at present, he said and earnestly requested the deputies to the SPA to devote themselves to the development of the state and the interests of the people.
  He ardently appealed to all to turn out in the sacred patriotic struggle for the development of our great country and thus brilliantly adorn this year as a year of proud victory.