/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
Kim Jong Un
Congratulatory Speech
December 31, Juche 112 (2023)
  We will soon see out the year 2023, a year of continued struggle.
  We have worked stoutly this year and achieved the successes we so desired and wanted to achieve without fail, thus making it full of events that will open a new epochal phase on the road of advance of our revolution.
  Still I can hardly remember a year like this one, when our painstaking efforts have led to such proud successes and conspicuous transformations.
  These precious successes are a fruition of the strenuous and devoted efforts made by all of you, members of the leadership body of the Party Central Committee, present here.  
  I thank you, comrades, for all the efforts you have made this year.
  There was no one who participated empty-handed in the December Plenary Meeting that proudly reviewed the year 2023. Every one of you defended your post with a sense of responsibility, working against overwhelming odds to perform your tremendous tasks, and remained faithful to the mission the Party and the people entrusted to you.
  Tough as the going has been, you have moved forward through the hardships. In the course of this, you have been further tempered ideologically and mentally, refined your traits and improved your abilities remarkably, gained valuable experiences and lessons, and become further convinced of yourselves.
  The success that is no less precious than the immediately visible achievements we made in 2023 is the fact that our leadership officials have become better qualified, and this makes me happier than anything else.
  This will provide a solid guarantee for the victory we will continue to achieve in the new year.
  I am confident that, if we press forward in the same staunch, proactive and pioneering spirit in the new year, we will creditably perform the important duty we have assumed for our revolution and people, and achieve more than what is expected of us.
  More tasks lie ahead of us.
  What we have done so far is fairly trifling and small, as compared to our people's happy life and future we are dreaming of.
  We have no reason to rest on our laurels with what we have done nor the right to feel satisfied with them.
  Feeling remorseful for failing to live up to the expectations of the people, we should always be mindful of them and work hard to make 2024 a year of redoubled efforts for the good of our great state and people.
  To our great Democratic People's Republic of Korea,
  To the health of all the people, members of the Party and service personnel of the People's Army, who will be greeting the new year soon, and
  To the happiness and good health of all the families across the country,
  I propose a toast.