/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un gives field guidance to Nampho Dockyard
  Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, gave field guidance to the Nampho Dockyard.
  Accompanying him were Jo Yong Won, Ri Il Hwan, Jo Chun Ryong, Pak Jong Chon, Jon Hyon Chol, O Su Yong and Kim Jong Sik, senior officials of the Central Committee of the WPK, and Admiral Kim Myong Sik, Commander of the Navy of the Korean People's Army.
  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was greeted by leading officials of the dockyard on the spot.
  Making rounds of various production processes and shipbuilding site, he learned in detail about the overall situation of the dockyard and its technical equipment level.
  The proud course of its development is deeply associated with the immortal leadership exploits of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, he said, noting that the dockyard has built many warships, large cargo ships, dredgers, fishing boats and other vessels over the past years, thus making a great contribution to defending the maritime sovereignty of the country and developing its maritime transport and fishing industry.
  He stressed that the precious history and tradition of the dockyard, which has grown into a leading shipbuilding base in the long practical struggle for implementing the Party's policies on munitions industry and shipbuilding industry, should be invariably carried forward.
  Saying that the dockyard is charged with a very important task in developing the country's shipbuilding industry and strengthening its naval force, he set forth the revolutionary policy of struggle for the dockyard to usher in a new era of the shipbuilding industry.
  The strengthening of the naval force presents itself as the most important issue in reliably defending the maritime sovereignty of the country and stepping up the war preparations at present, he said, adding that this situation requires the shipbuilding industrial sector to achieve a fresh rapid development and consolidate its material and technical foundation. To modernize the shipbuilding industry of the country as required by the new century is an important guarantee and precondition for implementing our Party's line on building the national defence and economy, he stressed.
  He said that the Nampho dockyard, which is a reliable large-scale military shipbuilding base of the country and is proud of the admirable history of self-reliance, should naturally become a model and play a traction role in implementing the new policy of the Party for the epochal development of the shipbuilding industry.
  He urged the dockyard to actively step up the modernization of the shipbuilding process, direct steady efforts to establishing cultured ways in production and life as required by the developing reality and constantly improve the material and cultural living conditions of its employees.
  He was reported in detail on the building of various warships and the preparations for a new huge plan decided and assigned by the 8th Congress of the WPK.
  Acquainting himself with the present situations such as the issues of building technology, design, capacity buildup and supply of materials and products under contract and settling the knotty problems, he gave an instruction on pushing ahead with the planned building of ships and unconditionally completing them within the period of the Five-Year Plan.
  He set forth the orientation for further strengthening the material and technical foundation of the dockyard in keeping with the important requirement for dynamically promoting the prospective development of the shipbuilding industry, and took important measures.
  He earnestly reiterated that the Party members and workers at the dockyard, who have a brilliant tradition of remaining true to the Party's defense and economic policies by fully displaying the steadfast spirit of devoted implementation and the fighting spirit of self-reliance in every annals of the revolution, should take the lead in successfully and thoroughly carrying into practice the plan of the Party determined to usher in a new heyday of bolstering up the Juche-based naval force.
  And he expressed expectation that the workers of the dockyard would successfully build on the world level the major warships, desired and decided by the WPK, by redoubling their considerable ability and tenacious executive faculty with the boundless loyalty to the Party and the revolution and with patriotism.
  All the Party members and other workers of the dockyard were filled with the determination of loyalty to play the core and vanguard role in devotedly implementing the Party Central Committee's policy for the development of shipbuilding industry in the new era, cherishing deep in their mind the great trust of Kim Jong Un who put them forward in the van of the grand struggle for strengthening the country's shipbuilding industry and the Juche-based naval force and instilled fresh confidence and courage into them.