/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un gives field guidance to regional industrial factories in Kimhwa County
  Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, gave field guidance to the regional industrial factories in Kimhwa County on February 7.
  Accompanying him were Jo Yong Won, Ri Il Hwan, Pak Jong Chon, Kim Yong Su, Kim Yo Jong and Kim Hwa Song, senior officials of the Central Committee of the WPK.
  Kim Jong Un was greeted on the spot by Kim Myong Chol, Chief Secretary of the Kimhwa County Committee of Kangwon Province of the Workers' Party of Korea, and leading officials of the relevant factories.
  He said that he came out to the spot to learn once again about the modernization and management of the regional industrial factories in Kimhwa County and their architectural styles which were built on a trial basis to confirm the detailed orientation of the construction of regional industrial factories to be newly built on a full scale in different parts of the country from this year, the first year of the promotion of the "Regional Development 20×10 Policy".
  He went round the foodstuff and daily necessities factories and paper mill to learn in detail about the situation.
  He said that it is good that the regional industrial factories in Kimhwa County which were built on a modern basis are well managed and they are making a tangible contribution to leveling up the standard of material living of the people in the county by improving the quality of products. But there are some problems to be settled, he added.
  He noted that each factory has shortcomings in the design and layout of the production process but officials in charge of economic guidance have neither found them properly nor taken any measures as they have not a clear and established view of the shortcomings. He said that to mechanically copy the regional industrial factories in Kimhwa County in executing the "Regional Development 20×10 Policy" under this situation shows their wrong attitude and preliminary arrangements in accepting the Party's policy.
  Noting that considerable mistakes are revealed in the architectural designs of regional industrial factories including the foodstuff factory as they are not rational from a practical point of view in conformity with the characteristics and use of the factories, he gave detailed instructions on the design of industrial buildings.
  As was emphasized at the meeting of the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee, it is important to take into full account the building of raw material bases, their conditions and possibility of supply before starting the construction of regional industrial factories, he said, clarifying in detail the issues to be reconsidered, reexamined and decided by relevant sectors in implementing the "Regional Development 20×10 Policy".
  Saying that it is an urgent task and a political issue, which defines the character of the revolution, arising in improving the material life of the local people at present to build regional industrial factories in a modern way and revitalize production, he set forth the principled requirements and important tasks to be observed in building regional industrial factories.
  Reminding the officials of the resolution of the Party Central Committee to set the architectural style and the level of modernization of the regional industrial factories to be built from this year higher than those in Kimhwa County, he stressed the need to steadily introduce new things with an innovative and creative attitude and display a sense of responsibility while overcoming shortcomings in implementing the new regional development policy, instead of mechanically following and emulating the experience gained in modernizing the regional industrial factories in Kimhwa County.
  He said that the specific conditions of the relevant cities and counties including the detailed characteristics, economic potential, prospect for development and population should be fully taken into consideration and the size, production capacity and construction site of the regional industrial factory should be set up under scientific calculation and, on this basis, the design of industrial buildings should be improved from a practical viewpoint and the construction should be carried on under a thought-out plan.
  Going round the regional industrial factories in Kimhwa County, he clarified important tasks including the issue of putting sustained efforts into improving quality by building product analysis rooms as required by regulations and establishing a proper product inspection system, the issue of raising the level of technicians and skilled workers, the issue of building up a solid raw material base and supplying raw materials needed for production in a responsible manner and the principled issue in using funds allotted for the construction of city and county regional industrial factories.
  He also indicated the tasks to be fulfilled in the management of regional industrial factories in Kimhwa County.
  He said that we should surely open up a new era in which local areas change as a reality with correct execution of the "Regional Development 20×10 Policy" this year without fail so as to make a breakthrough in the long-term goal of ten years and fully demonstrate the advantages of the Korean-style socialist system, the validity of the Party's policies and the inexhaustible potentiality of the development of the state.
  Kim Jong Un ardently called on all the leading officials, commanding officers and soldier-builders to turn out in the struggle to realize the long-cherished desire of the Party and bring about a great change in the regional development without fail.