/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un pays congratulatory visit to Ministry of National Defence on Day of Army Founding
  The Democratic People's Republic of Korea significantly celebrates the founding anniversary of the heroic Korean People's Army which has glorified its noble name as the staunch defender of the cause of the Workers' Party of Korea and genuine people's army for over 70 years, defending the lifeline of Juche revolution which won victory after victory under the leadership of the great Party and firmly supporting the invincibility and mightiness of our state.
  Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, paid a congratulatory visit to the DPRK Ministry of National Defence on the occasion of the 76th founding anniversary of the KPA.
  He was accompanied by his respected daughter.
  He was also accompanied by secretaries of the Central Committee of the WPK.
  The hearts of the service personnel were full of great excitement, joy, boundless glory and happiness upon having the honor to meet the great father for whom they longed in the days of loyal and honorable service in the army on their significant founding anniversary.
  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un arrived at the Ministry of National Defence Thursday afternoon.
  The service personnel of the People's Army raised stormy cheers, looking up to Kim Jong Un, the symbol of mightiness and heroism of Juche Korea and the representative of the great dignity and brilliant honor, who has put the prestige of our great state on the highest stage in the century and ushered in a new era full of unprecedented miracles and great changes in which the people's ideal is fully realized, with his far-sighted strategy, steel-strong courage and pluck and tireless efforts and devotion.
  A ceremony of greeting Kim Jong Un, Ssupreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the DPRK, took place.
  After receiving a salute from the head of the guard of honor of the KPA, he reviewed the guard of honor and the glorious colors of the three services.
  He was presented with fragrant bouquets by officers of the KPA.
  Major commanding officers of the KPA including Kang Sun Nam, Jong Kyong Thaek and Ri Yong Gil and the commanders of the large combined units greeted him in the humblest reverence.
  There took place a march-past of the guard of honor of the KPA.
  Kim Jong Un had a photo taken with the generals of the KPA, which will be recorded in the army-building history.
  The commanding officers of the army paid the highest tribute to the great brilliant commander who has developed the KPA into the powerful and matchless revolutionary armed forces and the patriotic vanguard reliably guaranteeing the defence of the sovereignty and enhancement of the prestige of the country and put them forward to be the vanguard of the times with his outstanding army-building idea and energetic leadership.
  Kim Jong Un made a significant speech in congratulation of the officers and men of the heroic KPA on the Day of Army Founding.
  Paying his noble respects to the heroic development of the KPA which has led the great turn in building a prosperous country with a powerful army while firmly defending the security and interests of the country and people and the idea and cause of the Party, always loyal to the sacred mission entrusted by the times and history for 76 years after its foundation, he extended warm congratulations of the army building day to the service personnel of the entire army on behalf of the Party Central Committee, the government of the Republic and all people across the country.
  The history of the struggle of our army has recorded the truth that only the state and people advancing by putting up an army in the van of the revolution can achieve unwavering and steady development and prosperity despite any challenges and crisis, he said, highly praising the great feats of the revolutionary armed forces firmly defending the sacred sovereignty of the country and the honor of the people with their steadfast revolutionary faith, transparent patriotic spirit, matchless heroism and mettle and devoted service.
  He declared that the WPK, which has an absolute mission before the country and people, would bring earlier the rosy future of the DPRK, always relying on the bravery and loyalty of the revolutionary armed forces in the future, too, and ardently called upon the service personnel of the entire army to strive for the eternal prosperity of the country and the well-being of the people with one mind, full of confidence in and optimism about the great new victory.
  The participants were deeply moved by his passionate speech full of ardent feelings and trust in the service personnel of the People's Army who regard loyalty to the Party, government and people as their foremost lifeblood and supreme honor, devotedly defend the lineage of the Juche revolution and the idea and cause of the WPK and reliably guarantee the existence and development of the DPRK and happiness of the people.
  When Kim Jong Un finished his speech, stormy cheers of "hurrah!" resounded in the sky of February.
  All the participants loudly shouted the slogans of "Kim Jong Un" and "Devoted defence", full of ardent enthusiasm to share the idea, intention and destiny with the Party Central Committee forever and to fully display the might and mettle of the powerful revolutionary army for eternal peace on this land and prosperity and happiness of posterity, cherishing the trust of the great brilliant commander as the greatest honor.
  Kim Jong Un's congratulatory visit to the Ministry of National Defence made on the Day of Army Founding shining as the pride of the Party, state and people will be brilliantly recorded in the history as an occasion in which the invincible heroic KPA, which is great in its foundation and succession, gives full play to its prestige in the grandiose course of building a dignified and prosperous socialist power and redoubles its noble mission and efforts to lead a new era of the Juche revolution under the leadership of the Party Central Committee.