/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un visits Kim Jong Il Military and Political Academy
  Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, gave field guidance to Kim Jong Il Military and Political Academy, the highest institute of military education in the DPRK, on April 10.
  He was accompanied by Pak Jong Chon, Secretary of the Central Committee of the WPK and Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the WPK, Kang Sun Nam, Minister of National Defence of the DPRK, Ri Yong Gil, Chief of the General Staff of the Korean People's Army, Hwang Pyong So, General Advisor to the Ministry of National Defence, and other major cadres of the Central Committee of the WPK.
  The teaching staff and cadets of the academy were full of excitement and joy as they came to greet the moment of the greatest glory and happiness of seeing Marshal Kim Jong Un, whom they yearned for so much, with the unique pride and confidence of training the backbones of the KPA on the sacred campus shining with the august name of the great leader.
  When the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un entered the compound of the academy, all the teaching staff and cadets greeted him with stormy cheers of "Hurrah!" as a token of their deep reverence for the great teacher and tenderhearted father who developed the academy into the highest institute of Juche-based military education and guides its work step by step with his unusual military wisdom and energetic leadership, so that it can remain faithful to its honorable mission to make tangible contributions to the WPK's cause of building a powerful army.
  Kim Jong Un received a salute from the chancellor of the academy.
  He gave a salute to the glorious military colors, the militant banner of victory, and reviewed a rank of commanding officers, Party committee executive members and major teachers of the academy.
  A teacher and a cadet of the academy presented fragrant bouquets to the Supreme Commander.
  Kim Jong Un waved his hand in response to the enthusiastic cheers of the teaching staff, extending his militant greetings to them who are making great contributions, which no others can do, to the WPK's great cause of building a powerful army.
  Looking round the academy, he recollected with deep emotion the course of its proud development that left brilliant footprints along with the victorious history of the KPA.
  The academy, which started its historic mission on March 7, 1973 under the far-reaching plan of President Kim Il Sung, has trained a great number of core commanding officers of the KPA for the past 50-odd years, true to the WPK's policy of effecting a revolution in military education, thus making distinguished contributions to the unstained succession and strenuous advance of the Juche cause. It has made remarkable progress in all aspects, including education and scientific research, dynamically steering the Juche-oriented military education and the building of a powerful army as the highest institute that represents the military academies of the DPRK.
  Kim Jong Un said the mightiness and invincibility of the KPA, for which the country has firmly held the position of a world-class military power, are unthinkable apart from this academy, the elite academy of high repute for training highest-ranking military and political cadres which has adorned its 50-odd-year history with glory and feats. It is a source of pride of our Party and state to have such a "pedigree farm" for training military and political activists, he added.
  He saw the cadets at an operation and tactical lecture at the military lecture room and made the rounds of the rooms for teaching methods study and training to learn in detail about education.
  He highly appreciated the academy for having achieved great encouraging successes in making its teaching Party policy-oriented, practical and modern by improving the educational programme and contents, actively applying advantageous and fresh forms and methods to teaching in reflection of the principles of Juche-oriented military science and ever-changing aspects of modern warfare and introducing various equipment and means while thoroughly adhering to the WPK's overall principle of revolution in military education.
  Then he went round bedroom and mess hall, taking warm care of the living of the cadets with paternal affection.
  Learning about whether the living condition is convenient and how heating is provided at the bedroom, he said the Party would organize the renovation and modernization work to create better educational environment and living conditions so that the cadets can devote themselves to studying without experiencing any inconvenience.
  He went to the mess hall to acquaint himself in detail with the supply service for cadets and made sure that various dishes he personally brought were put on teachers and cadets' dinner tables.
  At the operation study room, he learned about the study of the enemy's major operation and action plans and their forces, and about the operation plans of services and corps worked out by teachers and cadets before indicating the important principled issues to be adhered to and applied in modern operation.
  The WPK, which is pushing forward with the building of a world's strongest army as a goal, gives priority to the training of military talents in adding glory to the noble name and dignity of the KPA as an invincible heroic army and attaches special importance to the work of this academy, the parent base for training the highest-ranking military and political officers of the KPA, he said, indicating important tasks to be fulfilled by the academy.
  Kim Jong Un said the academy is a great asset of the KPA just like Kim Il Sung Military University and an important strategic base for the successful building of a powerful army and the future of the Korean revolution.
  Noting that the might of the revolutionary army depends on the commanding art of the commanding officers and their ideological traits and military qualifications are determined by the level of education at military schools, he said that the academy should arm its cadets thoroughly with the revolutionary ideas of the WPK and the Juche-oriented military strategic line in conformity with its duty and characteristics of training high-ranking officers of the revolutionary army of the Party and train more competent military cadres possessed of high ability for organizing combined operations and commanding actual war by scientifically innovating the educational structure and contents under the goal to fully integrate all the processes and occasions of education with modern warfare.
  It is an immutable law of war victory to neutralize the numerical and military and technical superiority of the enemy by means of superiority in ideology and war methods, he said, calling for making it a revolutionary spirit and the primary ethics of the academy to remain absolutely loyal and obedient to the leadership of the Party Central Committee and conducting energetic and effective organizational and political work to perfectly embody the Party's military ideas and policy in the training of military talents, military science development and overall management of the academy.
  Outlining the complicated international situation being seriously aggravated due to ever-escalating violence and armed conflicts and the insecure and unstable military and political situation around the DPRK, he said that now is the time to be more thoroughly prepared for a war than ever before and that the DPRK should be more firmly and perfectly prepared for a war, which should be won without fail, not just for a possible war.
  Affirming that if the enemy opts for military confrontation with the DPRK, the DPRK will deal a deadly blow to the enemy without hesitation by mobilizing all means in its possession, he urged the academy to make greater successes in education so as to fill the different levels of the entire army with competent and versatile commanding officers gifted with special qualities and spirit to overpower the enemy with ideological, mental, militant, moral and tactical superiority.
  Expressing expectation and belief that the academy, which trains brave officers of the revolutionary army of the Party, would remain boundlessly faithful to its mission and duty as the "pedigree farm" for training the best military talents consolidating the core position of the armed forces of the DPRK as firm as rock by creditably carrying forward its glorious traditions, he had a photo session with the teaching staff and cadets.
  All the teaching staff and cadets of the academy, who were greatly honored to enjoy the deepest trust by the great brilliant commander, made a firm pledge to remain absolutely loyal to Kim Jong Un who provided the immortal guidelines for bringing about a great turn in military education for building an elite revolutionary army with his iron faith that military strength just means the national sovereignty and the national dignity and added to their faith in sure victory and revolutionary enthusiasm. They also hardened their will to carry out his instructions unto death and live up to the expectations of the Party Central Committee with remarkable achievements in strengthening the military muscle.