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Report on participation of 600mm super-large multiple rocket sub-units in first combined tactical drill simulating nuclear counterattack
President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un guides combined tactical drill simulating nuclear counterattack
  There took place a drill on April 22 to operate super-large multiple rocket units that are to play an important role in substantially strengthening the prompt counterattack capacity of the state nuclear forces and raising a war deterrent under the state's nuclear weapon combined management system "Nuclear Trigger" for the first time.
  The drill, whose main purpose was to demonstrate the reliability, superiority, might and diverse means of the nuclear forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and to strengthen the nuclear forces both in quality and quantity, would be a clear warning signal to the enemies as it was conducted at a time when the enemies' military confrontation racket against the DPRK is being committed with extremely provocative and aggressive nature.
  The United States and the puppet military warmongers of the Republic of Korea have staged a "combined joint formation drill" with more than one hundred warplanes of various kinds in the Kunsan Air Base of the Republic of Korea from April 12. They have incited extreme war fever through one hundred sorties on a daily average, openly talking about an "advance" towards the DPRK after completely taking off their mask of "defence" and "deterrence" worn during their previous drills.
  Not content with frequently introducing nuclear strategic assets into the surrounding area of the DPRK and staging war drills with its vassal forces, the United States is giving publicity that this drill is aimed right at the DPRK. Such military provocations of the United States are scheduled to last till April 26.
  On April 18, the US and the ROK special units staged a "joint airborne infiltration drill" for the purpose of rapidly infiltrating any region to "remove a target".
  The security environment of the DPRK is seriously threatened by the hostile forces' ceaseless military provocations to stifle the DPRK by "force". This reality which cannot be overlooked urgently requires the DPRK to more overwhelmingly and more rapidly bolster up its strongest military muscle capable of actively controlling the situation to ensure the security of the country and the regional peace.
  Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, guided a combined tactical drill simulating a nuclear counterattack involving super-large multiple rocket artillerymen.
  He was accompanied by Kim Jong Sik, Vice-Department Director of the Central Committee of the WPK, and Jang Chang Ha, General Director of the Missile Administration of the DPRK, commanded the drill.
  The drill was conducted, divided into an actual drill for making units be versed in the procedure and process of switching over to a nuclear counterattack posture at a time when the "Volcano Alarm" system, the state's greatest nuclear crisis alarm, is issued and a drill for operating the nuclear counterattack commanding system. It was also conducted according to the order of making the sub-units assigned to the nuclear counterattack task be practised in the process and order and of carrying out their tasks and firing shells of super-large multiple rocket launchers tipped with simulated nuclear warheads.
  Through the drill, the reliability of the system of command, management, control and operation of the whole nuclear forces was reexamined in a many-sided way and the action order and combat methods for making the super-large multiple rocket units rapidly switch over to a nuclear counterattack were mastered.
  A firepower assault company selected from a relevant combined unit participated in the drill and commanding officers and soldiers of relevant units and sub-units watched the drill conducted under the "Nuclear Trigger" system for the first time and the salvo drill.
  The artillerymen of super-large multiple rocket launchers fired in salvo, with firm hostility toward the enemy and thoroughgoing viewpoint on the archenemy. The super-large multiple rocket launchers accurately hit the target islet within 352-kilometre range, fully demonstrating their matchless might and perfect actual war posture.
  Expressing great satisfaction over the result of the drill, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un appreciated the high and accurate hit of the super-large multiple rocket launchers, saying it seems that he has seen the firing of a sniper's rifle and that the Korean-style tactical nuclear strike means boasting of the formidable might, the most powerful in the world, have strictly prepared themselves to be faithfully mobilized in carrying out their important strategic task in contingency in a rapid and consistent counterattack posture.
  He appreciated with satisfaction that the combined tactical drill simulating a nuclear counterattack involving even artillerymen of super-large multiple rocket launchers was successfully conducted and, thereby, the plan of the Party Central Committee for building up the nuclear forces to expand the operational space of tactical nuclear attack and diversifying it has been translated into reality.
  Stressing the need to continuously complete tactics and operation in the orientation of steadily enhancing a pivotal role of the nuclear forces in all strategic aspects of deterring and fighting a war and to perfect the regular combat readiness of the nuclear forces, he clarified the principled matters to be taken as a guideline in the struggle for strengthening the strategic nuclear forces of the country.
  He said that through the combined tactical drill, the might and effect of our nuclear combat forces involving even super-large multiple rocket launchers have remarkably increased and all sub-units are full of great confidence and the drill served as an important occasion in thoroughly preparing our nuclear force to be able to rapidly and correctly carry out their important mission of deterring a war and taking the initiative in a war at any time and in any sudden situation.
  The nuclear force of the DPRK will keep the war posture with their more developed capacity, thoroughly deter the moves and provocation of the enemies and carefully watch them and carry out their important mission without hesitation if the enemies attempt to have recourse to armed forces.