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A Promising Dress Designer
  Concern about attire is growing all the more among people in spring.
  Those at the Pongnam Tailor's Shop in the capital city of Pyongyang devote their thinking and enthusiasm to making smart and beautiful spring wear.
  Cutter Cha Su Gyong says:
  "People have different tastes and hobbies and women, in particular, don't like wearing clothes of same styles. So we're making clothes by combining various colours that match the ground colour well so that they can give different feelings even with the same cloth."

  Cha Su Gyong is a talented cutter who creates and designs simple yet elegant women's clothes of new and peculiar styles with various cloths.
  She looks very young but she is a promising dress designer and cutter, drawing the attention of garment experts.
  She always strives to make dress designs suited to the aesthetic sense and emotion of the people and improve the processing techniques.
  It is her attitude of creation that the material and colour of cloth should be flexibly combined according to the tastes of the customers.
  She concentrated all efforts on making dress designs while persistently studying the world trend of attire and considering the cloths with different colours and materials.
  In the course, she created various kinds of clothes with peculiar and unique styles and presented clothes of new styles according to figures.
  The clothes she presented to the "Autumn Garment Exhibition--2023" held last year were highly estimated for their peculiar yet elegant and gentle styles and decorations.
  Cha Su Gyong is still devoting her enthusiasm to making dress designs with the pride of developing the dress culture of Korean style.