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Creation of Patriotism
  The Silicon Materials Technology Development Centre of the Silicate Technology Institute under the State Academy of Sciences is one of the units making remarkable successes in the research, development and production of silicon materials.

  In recent years scientists of the centre have developed the once-imported silicone sealing adhesives with their own efforts and technology.
  Section Chief Jo Yong Chol says:
  "The silicone sealing adhesives have to go through experiment by specific measuring means in a specific reactor.
  So our researchers pooled their creative wisdom to study literature and finish realistic basic research in a year. And for the next one year we found out factors of manufacturing technology and introduced them into making the adhesives. In the long run, we could complete them in the main for two years and a half."
  Conscious that making ours famous products is precisely patriotism and a shortcut to protecting and developing the economy of the country, they pooled their wisdom and enthusiasm to confirm the economic effectiveness and sci-tech guarantee of something new in reality before boasting of its research and development.
  In addition, they made hundreds of benchmark experiments and analyses in order to present silicone sealing adhesives whose technical indices could reach the advanced level.
  In the course, a rational process design of the silicone sealing adhesives was completed and a modern production process built to satisfy the need at home.
  The labour-, energy- and plot-saving process for producing silicone sealing adhesives is a precious creation of patriotism of the scientists of the Silicon Materials Technology Development Centre rather than a product of science and technology.