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Pyongyang National Instrument Factory
  The Pyongyang National Instrument Factory is a comprehensive national instrument producer conducive to the musical development of the country.
  The factory with modern equipment manufactures tens of kinds of national instruments including string, woodwind and percussion instruments.

  Department Head Kim Yong Myong says:
  "In his lifetime, the great leader Kim Jong Il gave earnest instructions on building a wonderful national instrument factory to develop the national instruments in accordance with the modern aesthetic tastes. Our factory was wonderfully built under the warm love and meticulous care of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who creditably materializes the will of Kim Jong Il."
  The comprehensive wood processing machine room and the iron and engineering processing room have different kinds of homemade equipment that can precisely process the parts of musical instruments.
  The factory fully equipped itself with the processes capable of processing well the raw and other materials needed for the manufacture of musical instruments such as wood, metal and leather and produces larger quantities of musical instruments than before with the same raw and other materials.
  Workshop Head U Myong Hyon says:
  "Originally, the musical instruments are completed through complex and delicate manufacturing processes. What is important here is to process the parts of musical instruments more precisely. If the parts are processed by conventional equipment and existing methods, it is impossible to expand the timbres, volumes and ranges of musical instruments and expect the development of national instruments. But our factory can manufacture any kinds of musical instruments as it wishes because it has modern equipment."

  Okryugum, oungum, kayagum, jangsaenap, jottae, drum, hourglass drum and other national instruments produced at the factory are popular among the art troupes and enthusiasts.
  The Pyongyang National Instrument Factory will make an active contribution to the development of national music in the future, too.