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For Better Living Environment
  Medium- and long-term plans for ecological environment protection are powerfully promoted across the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and many successes made in the protection and improvement of the ecological environment.
  The Environmental Science and Technology Institute takes technical and practical measures to further raise the national atmospheric environmental monitoring density of the country and observe and control air pollution. And it actively develops and introduces advanced environmental protection technology.

  The Nanophysical Engineering Research Institute of Kim Chaek University of Technology introduces the technology of markedly raising the waste water purification efficiency of industrial establishments by using ozone with strong activity, thus making a contribution to the environmental protection.

  The Taehung Trade Guidance Bureau developed a piece of fuel processing equipment conducive to the environmental protection and is expanding the scope of its introduction.
  Department Head Ryang Tong Chol says:
  "When we were making this piece of equipment, we thought that it is very important not only for saving fuel but also in the aspect of environmental protection of the country, and further intensified our research.
  Now we are introducing this piece of equipment to all units using fuel."
  Amid the active ecological environment protection, important policies of the Workers' Party of Korea and the state on providing the people with better natural and living environment are carried out faithfully.