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Happiness of Doctor
  Some time ago, Ri Jun Hyok, Section Chief of the Radiology Institute under the Academy of Medical Science, received a letter of thanks from a woman living in Puksong-dong No. 1 of Phyongchon District. Here is part of the letter.
  "You not only brought my mother back to life but also gave happiness to my family. I express thanks to you in the name of my family."

  Ri Jun Hyok studied and completed an advanced method for cancer treatment and introduced it into clinical practice. In the course, he restored the health of many women who were suffering from incurable diseases.
  He says:
  "Two elements, that is, radiation and radiosensitizer are needed to apply the radiation dynamic therapy.
  Theoretically, radiosensitizer is first injected into a patient. Then, the medicine in his body accumulates in the tumour tissue and radiation is thrown into it, which directly attacks the cancer cell."
  Radiotherapy is a major treatment method of cancerous diseases along with operation and pharmacotherapy.
  What is important in the radiotherapy is to maximize the curative effect and decrease as much as possible the damage by radiation which may affect other parts of the human body.
  Ri Jun Hyok recognized that the radiotherapy is rational for the cases of metastasis or impossible operation and set to research for introducing it into the clinical practice.
  He repeated mock operations and simulations with the single mind to cure women of their incurable diseases. In the course, he completed a cancer treatment method suited to the constitutional characteristics of the Korean women and introduced it into the clinical practice with success. In addition, he developed a radiosensitizer, opening a prospect for raising the effectiveness of the cancer treatment method and increasing the general vital signs of the patients under radiotherapy.
  --If even a shadow is seen on the faces of women devoting all to their husbands and children as frugal wives and thoughtful mothers, it is impossible to think of the happy family and the bright society.--
  As he devoted all his wisdom and passion to the research into the treatment of incurable diseases with such viewpoint, Ri Jun Hyok could ensure curative effect at more than 90 percent.
  He often receives letters of thanks from the women whose health was recovered.
  Reading the letters, he feels boundless happiness at the thought of having done his duty as a doctor and with the pride of having protected the happiness of a family.