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Course of Patriotism
  People's Athlete Kim Kum Ok of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a thrice Asian marathon champion.

  When she was training to overcome the extremely difficult point in the blazing sun or pouring rain after determining to become a marathoner, she sometimes regretted her start of marathon.
  At that time, her teacher Paek Tong Nam at the Mangyongdae District Extracurricular Juvenile Sports School encouraged her, saying a marathoner can reach the finish line when he or she overcomes the extremely difficult point in his or her mind first rather than that in the course.

  Whenever she felt tired, Kim Kum Ok would remember her teacher's encouragement and train harder. Finally, she was selected as a marathoner of the then April 25 Sports Team.
  The great leader Kim Jong Il said the Korean people can hold the championship if they develop marathon, as they have strong perseverance and fortitude. His encouragement and great trust became the source of her inexhaustible strength.
  Kim Kum Ok took part in the women's marathon of the Military World Games held in July Juche 100(2011). Though the medical team advised her not to take part in the race as she got high fever, she rose up and defeated all her rivals in defiance of the sultry weather with the temperature of 34 degrees centigrade, breasting the tape first.
  At that time, she couldn't speak because of laryngitis. So when a foreign reporter asked her about the secret of victory, she wrote on the reporter's pocketbook as follows: "I received an order of the respected Supreme Commander Kim Jong Il. A soldier given an order of the supreme commander cannot fall before carrying it out. So I ran on and on."

  With such fighting spirit and enthusiasm, she won the Asian marathon championships held in 2006, 2008 and 2013.
  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was very pleased with her successes in the games, praised her as a player with excellent mental and moral traits and training spirit and held her up as a model of the sportspeople of younger generation.

  Today Kim Kum Ok is running the course of patriotism invariably to train Olympic titlists and fly the dignified national flag higher in the sky of the world, fully demonstrating the honour of the motherland.