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Question: About Historic Sites in Moran Hill
  "Voice of Korea" presented as the first question of the Quiz Show for 2024 "About Famous Hot Springs in Korea".
  Listeners said in their e-mails that it was a very interesting question and they prepared their answers with the feeling of travelling hot springs in Korea. And they expressed their willingness to call at those famous hot springs when they have a chance to visit the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in the future.
  Cooling down your bodies heated while preparing answers about hot springs, let us visit famous historic sites in Korea this time.
  We raise another question; "About Historic Sites in Moran Hill".
  The round peaks of the hill look like a peony beginning to bloom. Hence the name Moran (Peony). Moran Hill is famous all the more as it has not only beautiful scenery but also many historic sites boasting of long history and culture.
  Below are some photos of famous historic sites in the capital Pyongyang.
  Of them, please choose the historic sites in Moran Hill.
  If you add how old they are and stories about them, your answers will be excellent.
  Those who haven't sent their answers to the last question yet can send them together with the answers about the historic sites in Moran Hill.
  We look forward to your active participation.

Chongnyu Pavilion

Ryongwang Pavilion

Pubyok Pavilion

Choesung Pavilion

Chilsong Gate

Pobun Hermitage

South Gate

Ulmil Pavilion

Hyonmu Gate