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Answer: About the Native Language, National Dog and National Liquor of the DPRK
  The native language of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is Korean.
  The Korean language has words and expressions showing the people's feelings and emotions, colours and tastes. So it can correctly show slight differences in meanings and feelings and emotions and clearly express courtesy and etiquette.
  The Korean language has its own national alphabet. There are thousands of languages in the world but not many of them have their own alphabets along with their spoken ones. In this aspect, we can say it is the excellence of the Korean language that we have our own national alphabet.
  Korean ancestors invented their unique national alphabet called Hunminjongum in the 15th century. As Hunminjongum was modelled on the shapes of vocal organs, it is scientific and systematic in principle and it is easy to learn and convenient to write its letters.
  With such an excellent language, the Korean people could create a brilliant national culture and carry forward the beautiful customs and traditions of the nation.
  The standard of the Korean language is the cultured Pyongyang dialect.
  The great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il paid deep attention to developing the national language as a whole with the Pyongyang dialect as the standard, presented the revision of vocabulary as an important policy of the state and wisely led its implementation.
  Today, the excellence of the cultured Pyongyang dialect is more fully displayed under the meticulous guidance of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.
  The cultured Pyongyang dialect is a model of the Korean language which intensively shows the peculiar characteristics and excellence of the national language and is refined in a modern way.
  Phungsan is the national dog of the DPRK.

  Phungsan is a typical hound. Its home is the area of Kim Hyong Gwon County (former Phungsan County) in Ryanggang Province. The dog is an endemic animal of Korea which is very clever and brave.
  It stands the cold well and has strong viability and resistance to diseases.
  Phungsan symbolizes the spirit of the Korean nation. It was designated as the national dog of Korea on November 7, Juche 103(2014).
  Pyongyang Soju is the national liquor of the DPRK.

  It is produced at the Taedonggang Foodstuff Factory.
  It is characterized by its clean yet light, palatable and refreshing taste.
  In the world national liquor is very expensive because it is produced at high cost in many countries boasting of their long history, culture and tradition. So it is an established practice that such liquor is drunk by the rich and served to the guests of honour and at national banquets.
  The DPRK fixed the liquor, which is well-known to the people and most popular among them, as the national liquor.
  The Pyongyang Soju was designated as the national liquor of Korea on June 24, Juche 104(2015).