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Answer: National Flower and Tree of the DPRK
  We're going to tell you about the national flower and tree of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, which was presented as a question for the Section "Quiz Show".
  Magnolia is the national flower of Korea.

  It is a peculiar flowering plant with strong fragrance, thick stems and branches and unusually big and nice-looking leaves.
  Magnolia is a uniform variety. So it is the same in shape, size and colour no matter where it is planted. Such characteristics can be said to be corresponding with the disposition of the Korean people, a homogeneous nation, who lived an honest life on the same territory with one blood, language and culture, creating the 5,000-year-long history and brilliant culture.
  Magnolia is widely cultivated amid the love of the Korean people.
  It is used for quality perfume, precious medicines and oil. It also has great ornamental value.
  Magnolia is so viable that it is easy to propagate.
  It grows well in comparatively wet places such as deep mountains and valleys or hillsides with flowing water except the northern highlands. It can be planted and grown under the average annual temperature of 8 to 10 degrees centigrade, the minimum temperature of 26 degrees centigrade below zero and the maximum temperature of 35 degrees centigrade.
  Pine is the national tree of Korea.

  Pine grows in almost all regions of Korea from olden times.
  The Korean people have regarded the evergreen strong pine as a symbol of the indomitable national spirit and loved it very much.
  Pine was designated as the national tree of Korea in April Juche 104(2015).
  Pine is evergreen and grows well everywhere. It has a strong vitality of striking its root even in the crevices of rocks.
  It grows in the wide area under 800 metres above the sea level except the northern highlands of Korea and it is adaptable to any soil.
  From olden times the Korean ancestors used pine for various purposes.
  Today, pine is more widely used and becomes more useful day by day along with the development of science and technology.