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Question: About the National Flower and Tree of the DPRK
  In September Voice of Korea raised the question "About the national emblem of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea" for quiz show on the occasion of its 75th founding anniversary.
  A large audience sent their answers, congratulating us on the 75th founding anniversary of the DPRK.
  Karsten Schoensee of Germany, in particular, gave us a deep impression. He not only sent a correct answer but also translated into German an article of the website of the Korean daily Rodong Sinmun on the national flag and emblem of the DPRK and posted it on his homepage, giving help to many people who were preparing their answers.
  We express thanks to all the audience including Karsten Schoensee for their sincere answers.
  Here is a new question: "About the national flower and tree of the DPRK".
  We hope that while finding answers to it, you will have a deep understanding of the feelings, sentiments and aspirations of the Korean people.
  We look forward to your good answers. Thank you.