Sincere Efforts for Cultivating Saplings

They are devoting all their efforts to the sapling production, picturing to themselves the green forests to be more exuberant.


All Have Turned Out as One

All people work hard to make the mountains of the country greener in the future.


Carrying Their Minds

The Ryongaksan spring water has long been widely known as the water of longevity as it is very good for health.


To Make Popular Goods

There are many valuable things in our life full of pleasure and optimism.


Good Results in Production

Power production is on the increase from the beginning of the year.


Active Dissemination of Science and Technology

Many units actively share excellent technologies, experiences and means.


Conspicuous Scene

A conspicuous scene is presented, in which herds of sheep graze on the vast pastures.


Cage-Net Fish Farm Full of Joy

Fishing is in full swing at the Moranbong Cage-Net Fish Farm.