Developer of Popular Koryo Medicine with High Efficacy

She is still making researches to develop highly efficacious Koryo medicines suited to the physical constitution of the Korean people.


10 Best Players of the DPRK in 2023
Weightlifter Ri Chong Song

He took part in a number of international games from his teens.


Like Father, Like Daughter

She is devoting her all to the work for the country as ever.


For Better Living Environment

Medium- and long-term plans for ecological environment protection are promoted on a nationwide scale.


Household Doctors Called First

They take good care of the residents for their health with utmost sincerity.


Creation of Patriotism

Making ours famous products is precisely patriotism.


Dream of a Taekwon-Do Girl

Little did I know that my wish would come true.


A Promising Educator in His 30s

He is making a contribution to education and sci-tech development of the country with his profound knowledge of applied mathematics.


Hero Athletes of the DPRK (1)
DPRK Hero Jong Song Ok

Jong Song Ok was unusually persistent and strenuous.


A Talented Artist

He had a dream to succeed in the Korean painting with a long tradition and loved by the Korean people.


With High Medical Skill and Warm Sincerity

He is still devoting his high medical skill and warm sincerity to the medical services so that the benefits of the socialist health system can prove effective.


For Developing Advanced Biological Medicines

It is the main goal of the researchers to develop new medicines with immediate and durable curative effects.


Attitude of Educator

The school is well-known for its teachers with good qualifications and its pupils with high ability.


Practical Ability of Teacher Is That of Students

She distinguishes herself as a good educator and talented industrial artist all the more with each passing day.


Happiness of Doctor

He feels boundless happiness at the thought of having done his duty as a doctor and with the pride of having protected the happiness of a family.


Devoted Efforts

A road keeper is living in a luxury house of Kyongru-dong built on the bank of the Pothong River in the capital city of Pyongyang.


Mother Who Brought Up Her Two Sons as Scientists

A good mother raises a good child.


Chongamdong Earthen Wall

It is the capital castle of Ancient Joson, the first slave state of Korea.


Ulji Mun Dok, Famous General of Koguryo

The exploits of Ulji Mun Dok served as a great encouragement to the struggle of the Korean people against the foreign invasions.


Rights of Citizens Exercised

The DPRK government is paying primary attention to fully providing the people with all conditions to exercise their independent rights as social beings.


Popular Policies Seen through Dwelling Houses

All the dwelling houses built at the state expense are provided to working people free of charge.


Active Protection of National Cultural Heritage

They work hard to defend and further glorify the history and tradition.


Jade Statue of Buddha Donated

The jade statue of Buddha was made in the first half of the Koryo Dynasty that existed between 918 and 1392.


"I Want to Sing of Our Social System"

He is learning hard to write poems singing of the grateful social system of Korea.


Grateful Teacher

Teacher is my daughter's real mother.


Course of Patriotism

Kim Kum Ok is a thrice Asian marathon champion.


Transfer of Capital to Pyongyang in 427

The transfer of the capital to Pyongyang by Koguryo preserved the legitimacy of the history of the Korean nation and clarified the succession of the national states of Korea.


What Attitude of Mind Is Needed?

Teachers should have the mind of considering the students they teach to be their children.


By Bringing Contents and Methods of Education Close to Reality

To make the course of studying while working lead to creation


Ri Kyu Bo and His Long Epic "King Tongmyong"

The long epic "King Tongmyong" is of great significance in the history of literature as it is the first one of those known so far in the history of the literature of poetry of Korea.


Though It Was Not His Major Discipline

From the standpoint that all share responsibility in the work for the country...


Ancient Wooden Bridge of the Taedong River

It shows well the excellent architecture of the Koguryo people.


Girl of Great Strength Who Made 11 New Records

Kim Il Gyong made 11 new records at the 19th Asian Games and she is one of the 10 best players of the DPRK in 2022.


Mural Paintings in Koguryo Tombs and Pictures of Four Guardians

Mural paintings in Koguryo tombs have the longest history among the pictorial relics of Korea.


There Is No Finish Line on the Road of Research

He always places himself on the starting line and opens up unexplored fields of physics.


A Woman Doctor Who Raised the Utility Efficiency of Fertilizer

The method of applying fertilizer and agrochemicals while drawing water into the rice paddy is profitable in many aspects.


For Green Architecture

They intensify researches for developing the technology of green architecture and combining it with the technology of intelligent architecture.


Researchers Contributing to Increasing Railway Transport Capacity

To make practical research findings conducive to increasing the railway transport capacity of the country


Riding Custom represented in Mural Paintings of Ancient Tombs

Korea has a long history of managing horses and Koguryo people were really good at horse riding.


Educators Promote the Development of Sports

They are devoting all their wisdom and enthusiasm to education and scientific researches for putting the physical education and training on a highly scientific and IT basis.



When he took the supreme command of the Koguryo army, he strengthened the military power of the country.


National Foundation Day

From olden times, the Korean nation declared the birthday of Tangun as the National Foundation Day and has been commemorating it.